Virtual Expo - Ironwork System 2.0, Repairing Roads the Right Way

Ironworks Repair

Our new Virtual Expo is here to show you how to deliver a great defect-free surface when carrying out reinstatements to ironworks. In the original Virtual Expo series, back in 2020, we created our first video on delivering great results using a cold-lay Ironworks system. Now two years on we are revisiting the system in this new video, with emphasis is on the next stage of innovation and development when it comes to delivering the best Ironwork reinstatement depending on the scenario.

This new enhanced ironwork system requires no heavy equipment for compaction. This helps to prevent early failure as a result of A: Premature vibration of the structure, and B: Wheel track rutting through displacement of surfacing material. This system is supported by the Meon Performance Assured and Training Academy programmes, and is complemented by a full set of material Declaration of Performance certificates.

Here at Meon, we are all about delivering great surfaces. Our focus is mainly on three areas: Safety, Sustainability, and Durability. Road networks in the UK and Ireland need to be maintained to high standards, as this has an impact on safety, productivity, efficiency, and the general well-being of society and its infrastructure. We believe the Right First-Time approach has huge whole-life cost benefits and should be endorsed by the industry.

Meon have designed a system for reinstating Ironworks with our recommended products, either for asphalt or concrete surfaces. On our Virtual Expo page linked below, we display our concrete finish system in a video. The products shown in the video that are required are as follows:

* The HardMaster W668 – Our 60-minute fibre reinforced bedding mortar for the Ironwork frame to sit on.

* The HardMaster W615 – This is a high strength flowable backfill concrete, that encapsulates the frame and holds it in place.

* The BituSeal H561 – Our new product, which is a cold applied flexible self-adhesive joint tape which will create a movement joint between the surface of the concretes.

* The HardMaster W672 – Our fibre reinforced, non-shrink, rapid setting surface concrete. This will be the top layer for concrete surfaces.


To discover more about this new-to-market ironworks system, and see the full range of benefits that each of the products used has to offer, please view our new Virtual Expo and video...

You can visit our Virtual EXPO section of the website to access the complete range of in depth product and installation videos. Showcasing some of our exciting new-to-market innovations, enabling the industry to embrace new practices and technology as soon as possible....

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