Virtual Expo: Graco LineLazer ES 500 & ES 500 Stencil

Virtual Expo: Graco LineLazer ES 500 & ES 500 Stencil

Welcome to Meon's 6th virtual expo...  

In this Expo we will be discussing the new Graco LineLaser ES 500. I'm here today to explain who needs the ES 500, and the benefits it can bring  

The LineLazer ES 500 is a cordless line marking machine for small jobs, bringing the benefits of battery powered technology using DeWalt FlexVolt batteries. The machine comes with 2 batteries which are capable of spraying up to 38 litres when fully charged, the batteries can be easily changed over for uninterrupted use. The LineLazer ES 500 is a very simple machine which can be set up quickly and is easy to use, creating clear and crisp professional lines. It is also compact and light making it easy to manoeuvre reducing fatigue, and has the benefits of no engine noise, vibration and zero fumes  


Keep your site safe and smart at all times with self delivery of line marking, stencils, kerbs, and walls. 

- An essential addition to a maintenance team’s tool kit for all surface marking  

- Simple – its easy to learn  

- Cordless -  which means uninterrupted, continuous use with the DeWalt FlexVolt batteries 

- Quiet - No engine noise making it ideal for indoors and improves user situational awareness 

- No combustion engine - means  no vibration and no exhaust fumes for improved user experience and environmental impact 

- Compact -  Easier manoeuvrability  

- Light 55kg – excellent portability 

- Quick change pump – reducing downtime onsite 

To understand more about this machine and see some of its key features click on the video link below.