Whilst the road network can be used for multiple vehicles such as cars, buses and bicycles, there is an increased safety risk and increasing numbers of cyclists would only increase bicycle/vehicle related accidents.

Cycleways are the answer to reducing this risk and also help to maintain the flow of both road traffic and the cyclists.

When these cycleways are situated directly adjacent to the road the risk of vehicle/cyclist related accidents is still high where there are no physical delineation measures in place.

Introducing the cycleway delineation products which provide safety for cyclists, forming a physical barrier between the cycleway and road.

Meon’s delineation products are manufactured out of rubber are bolted into the surface which is a very simple and quick installation and also can easily be removed if required.

The dividing island is a kerb height unit which provides a continuous barrier between the road and cycleway and is fully customisable in length or shape to suit any project requirements, available in black, grey or red with a reflective white edging.

We also offer posts in three different styles, with reflective tape and these posts can be installed either by concreting them in the ground or bolting them directly onto the surface or on top of the dividing island which provides a very quick and simple installation.  These posts are manufactured from Vulcanised Rubber and are flexible if impacted which is a safer solution than rigid posts.

If you are undertaking a project involving cycleways we can assist with the full package of cycleway markings, surface coatings and delineation units to create safe transport routes for cyclists.  

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