Virtual EXPO | Manhole reinstatement | Surface Repair

Virtual EXPO | Manhole reinstatement | Surface Repair

In this video we are going to talk to you about how to deliver a great - defect free- surface, when carrying out reinstatements, to ironworks.

The emphasis in today's world is on keeping road networks and footways open and back to how it should because it has an impact on safety, productivity efficiency and the general well- being of society.

The Products we're be looking at are:

* The HardMaster W620 & the W621 - polymer modified mortars for Ironwork frames.

* The PemaFyx L271 MMA based system -used for small, surface repair works

* UltraCrack L275 - a flexible jointing filler used between existing & new substates.

Using these approved, tried, and tested methods, Meon can guarantee you peace of mind, cost savings & a defect free reinstatement.

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