Virtual Expo | Sunken Trench Reinstatement | Surface Repair

Virtual Expo | Sunken Trench Reinstatement | Surface Repair

Today we are demonstrating how to deliver a great - defect free - surface, when carrying out sunken trench reinstatement.

The emphasis in today’s world is on keeping road networks and footways open and back to how it should because it has an impact on safety, productivity efficiency and the general well- being of society.

The L271 is a cold applied, MMA based, surface dressing, repair system - giving an outstanding, permanent, and durable solution - is widely used on highly trafficked locations particularly where sunken trenches have been given a road defect…

- A far superior alternative to cold or hot asphalt.

- Accommodates shallow depths down to 0.5mm

- It’s very fast cure with excellent adhesion, but also offers flexibility with adjoining substrates

- Is highly resistant to impact and maintains slip resistance for road safety.

The L271 is an ideal solution for not only sunken trench work but for preventative maintenance where there is a crazed or scarred surface.

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