Virtual EXPO | UltraGrip L244 | Cycle Lane Coatings

Virtual EXPO | UltraGrip L244 | Cycle Lane Coatings

We are being increasingly encouraged to cycle to and from work and limit the usage of cars in city centres and other built up locations.

Cycle routes are growing in popularity as the number of cyclists increases daily.

Today we are going to run you through how to effectively carry out cycle route coatings with a high-quality finish and excellent durability.

The product we are demonstrating today is the UltraGrip L244 MMA cycleway coating.

Being an MMA product, the UltraGrip L244 has very high durability and provides a long lasting solution, meaning less need for re-visits and refreshing as traffic increases.

One of the key benefits of this product is the superior ride experience it provides for cyclists - it is designed specifically for this application, with a less aggressive finish compared to high friction surfacing.

It is designed to match the skid resistance of surrounding surfaces such as asphalt, so that the change of the surface texture is minimal for the cyclist when riding onto or off of these coloured areas, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

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