Why should you use overbanding tape?

Why should you use overbanding tape?

When it comes to overbanding, this is a contentious subject. Overbanding tape has been used on our road network for years. It has been controversial with many reports of accidents due to skidding and unsightly images of bitumen creeping out from the sides of the repair.

The purpose of sealing the edge between the existing asphalt and the new prevents water ingress and progressive fretting, which makes sense. So the question is, why isn’t overbanding tape not being used on every permanent repair?

Using overbanding tape massively reduces repeat visits to the same sites over time, which vastly reduces the lifetime cost of the repair overall. The solution is quick and easy to apply, pre-heat the surface to provide a thermal bond over the new and existing surface. Once this is done, heat the overbanding tape until you see it forming on the surface. It can then be trafficked almost instantly, minimising the need for further costly traffic management and road closures.

Over time overbanding tape has been deemed costly. In the short term, yes, but the long term benefits of using overbanding tape are much more cost effective. The product provides an excellent method of preventative maintenance. Doing this prevents water ingress and progressive fretting, which is a prime reason for the failure of reinstatement.

With a lot of reports throughout the press and social media of tragedies on the UK’s road network, it has never been more critical to ensure only certified products are used for repairs. To guarantee road safety is maintained, it is compulsory to choose a solution that is HAPAS approved.              This is a requirement of SROH S6.8.8. The clause states, ‘The overbanding system must have a current certificate by a Product Acceptance Scheme. Alternative certification is required to confirm suitability of use of the overbanding product for its in-service use.’ Overbanding must be between 35 mm to 40 mm wide, and be 3mm thick at the surface. Hot or cold applied systems may be used, subject to the manufacturers.

Check out how you can apply overbanding effectively in this video.

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