Meon's UltraCrack L270 MMA Overbanding and Crack Repair Kit
Magma UltraCrack L270 MMA Crack Repair & Overbanding

Magma UltraCrack L270 MMA Overbanding & Crack Repair

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MMA Overbanding & Crack Repair

UltraCrack is an MMA crack repair which is a cold plastic product that is designed for crack infill and overbanding. As with all MMA products, it is very fast-curing, which makes it ideal to live traffic situations where road closure time needs to be kept to a minimum. It is very durable, enabling permanent repairs which will outlast the surface itself, extending the life of surfaces by resisting the inflow of water and minimising damage caused b...

Product Features...

  • Fast curing allowing traffic within minutes
  • Strong and durable, extra resistant to wear
  • Good skid resistance, with optionally increases


Customer Benefits...

  • Reduction in defect costs and material waste
  • Prevention of regular maintenance call outs
  • No hot works or specialist equipment required
  • Minimises disruption, allows traffic within minutes

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Mar 23, 2021
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I work for a company that required some data for some of the plant we were using. I was given the number of Giles Whiteside. I contacted Giles, and he could not have been any more helpful. Very polite and friendly, and he managed to gather the information i was after. This helped me out lots, and save me valuable time. Very good customer service.

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