Approved Installer Course

Course Modules

PermaFyx W685 is a thin-lay concrete resurfacer which provides a new wearing surface for old, worn concrete that is strong, durable, abrasion resistant and resistant to weathering such as freeze-thaw.

Our course is designed to develop your technical knowledge, practical application and implementation of PermaFyx W685.

The course is split into two elements, classroom learning and hands on training. Both elements are followed by evaluation exams and essements. After completion of the course operatives will receive qualification and become an approved installer for PermaFyx W685.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for operatives carrying out reinstatement works.

Sustainable methods are leading the way and quickly becoming one of the most important skill sets for highway professionals.

Our PermaFyx W685 course will give you the knowledge and confidence to have the required skills to use our specialist cold-lay surface reinstatement product to the highest quality, with zero harm and zero failures.

Course Venue

CETC'S Address

Meteor Way,
Broom Way,
PO13 9FU,


Typical Failures

What is PermaFyx W685

What you can and cant do, limitations

Preparation, mixing and aplication

Evaluation: Theory Exam


Surface assesment before work is carried out

Preparation of the surface area

Mixing & cleaning tools


Application of the product


Practical assestment 

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