Surface Repair FAQ's

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Meon's products and services.

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Can we apply SkidGrip onto PatchMaster H576 when laid correctly?

We would recommend using SkidGrip L276 which is a MMA based product, rather than using heat applied or PU resin based alternatives.

Using your white aerosols and they don't seem as bright as other colours?

White is never as bright as other colours when using the aerosol ranges. We would recommend using colours rather than white if brightness is required.

I have used Tempo TP to mark out a repair on the footway, and now need to remove these. How is this achieved?

This will depends on the surface where it has been applied. Remove with a stiff brush and high jet pressure washer.

How long does Tempo TP last?

As a temporary spray it is designed to last between 2-8 weeks.

Are your products slip-resistant?

Yes, we do have products and additives which offer good slip resistance when applied correctly to suitable substrates. Typically SRV45 or more is considered suitable for medium risk areas such as walkways, rising to SRV65 or more for high risk areas such as High Friction Surfacing.

How many litres in a 20kg tin of TrafficLine

Approximately 13 litres. We generally limit the size of our tins to 20kg as this complies with the Manual Handling guidelines.

What is your equivalent to M60?

The Meon equivalent to M60 is HardMaster W660

How do I put markings on resin bound?

Preformed thermoplastic marking are fine to use, although ensure you don't burn the surface of the resin when applying.  Spray applied water based paints or low solvent based paints such as ViaLine F210 can also be applied.  Paints with a higher solvent level could cause damage to the surface as the solvent may soften the resin.

Can resin bond go on hotroll surface?

Normally we would always recommend that any fresh bitumen surface is left for a minimum of 28 days before having any coating applied.  If resin bond is required to be installed earlier than this, we would recommend applying UltraNuvo primer first to ensure the fresh bitumen oils don't bleed through causing premature delamination of the resin bond. UltraNuvo can be applied to a freshly laid bitumen surface once the temperature has dropped to the same as the temperature of the surrounding surface.

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