road marking stencil kit
road marking stencil kit letter a

Black Plastic Stencil Kit (A-Z & 0-9) - 300mm

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The Meon road marking stencil kit features a complete range of characters, including A-Z, 0-9, as well as an ampersand. The road marking stencil kit features a unique interlocking system between each character, ensuring consistent spacing, alignment and to stop movement when marking. Made from heavy-duty black polyethene plastic, resistant to thinners and solvent cleaners, giving you maximum durability. The kit is supplied in a durable labelled satchel carrier for easy transportation and storage.

Features and Benefits:
  • Includes A-Z, 0-9, &
  • Supplied in satchel carrier with shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty plastic for maximum durability
  • Chemical resistant allows for easy clean
  • Interlocking for consistent spacing alignment