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road marking stencil kit letter a

Black Plastic Stencil Kit (A-Z & 0-9) - 300mm

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Road Marking Stencil Kit

The Meon road marking stencil kit features a complete range of characters, including A-Z, 0-9, as well as an ampersand. The road marking stencil kit features a unique interlocking system between each character, ensuring consistent spacing, alignment and to stop movement when marking. Made from heavy-duty black polyethene plastic, resistant to thinners and solvent cleaners, giving you maximum durability. The kit is supplied in a durable labelled satchel car...

Features & Benefits...

  • Includes A-Z, 0-9 and the & sign
  • Supplied in a heavy duty satchel carrier, and comes with shoulder strap for ease of carrying
  • Heavy-duty plastic stencils for maximum durability
  • Chemical resistant plastic which allows for an easier clean after use
  • Interlocking for consistent spacing alignment

Customer Product Review...

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Mar 26, 2021
Good customer service prompt replies to…
Good customer service prompt replies to emails Delivery always as promised. Wide range of products to enable fast turnaround of work areas as required.

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