HardMaster W690 90 Minute Bedding Mortar 25kg Bag
HardMaster W690 90 Minute Bedding Mortar 25kg Bag

HardMaster W690 90 Minute Bedding Mortar 25kg Bag

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Bedding Mortar

HardMaster W690 90 minute bedding mortar is a general purpose rapid set and rapid strength bedding mortar which can be opened to traffic just 90 minutes after being mixed and placed. It’s rapid set and early strength, reduce construction and road closure times, making it ideal for both planned and emergency repairs. Typical applications include the bedding of inspection chamber frames/covers, gully grates, stanchion posts, kerb stones, setts and other street furnitu...

Product Features...

  • Reaches trafficable strength in 90 minutes
  • Excellent strength
  • Smooth trowelable consistency


Customer Benefits…

  • Minimum downtime
  • High performance
  • Easy to use

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Jul 07, 2021
Meon and the whole team there are a…
Meon and the whole team there are a really good bunch. Always deliver what they say they will on time or even early. With a vast knowledge on all the products they stock and sell and always happy to give advice or help. We really do appreciate everything they do for us. They go above and beyond expectations on all levels. We will always use Meon as we can really rely on them. Truly an outstanding company with a aweso...

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