Water Based Tarmac Rejuvenator 25kg
Water Based Tarmac Rejuvenator 25kg

Water Based Tarmac Rejuvenator 25kg


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Tarmac Rejuvenator

Magma Tarmac Rejuvenator is a water based emulsion with a high softening point, therefore avoiding ‘tackiness’ at elevated temperatures, and has been formulated for hand applications. Tarmac Rejuvenator delays the effects of ageing and oxidization by penetrating any fine cracks, interstices and porosity in the surface course, sealing off the existing surface material from water and air, delaying the effects of ageing and oxidisation whilst preserving the texture...

Features & Benefits...

  • Water based formulation - environmentally friendly and odour free
  • Effectively seals off surface - preventing ageing and oxidisation
  • High softening point - less ‘tackiness’ at high temperatures
  • Maintains surface texture depth - good slip resistance levels maintained

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Mar 03, 2022
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