Swarcolux Reactive Glass Beads 125-1300µm for MMA

Swarcolux Reactive Glass Beads 125-1300µm for MMA

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Reactive Glass Beads

Swarco reactive glass beads are hardener coated glass microspheres which are used as the hardening element in 2-component MMA marking systems when applied at a dosage rate of up to 1.2kg/sqm. The wide range of bead sizes within the mix ensures these high quality glass beads support can give a performance.

Product Features…

  • Reactive component for MMA systems
  • Increases slip resistance of markings
  • Can be sprayed through a pressurised bead system

Customer Benefits…

  • Can apply MMA markings with higher slip resistance 
  • Reduced risk of slipping
  • Consistent finish and curing when being spray applied

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Customer Product Review...

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Apr 10, 2021
Trusted Brand
Super efficient and highly recommended. Knowledgeable staff and always available for advise if required. Excellent products across the full range.

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