Reinstatement | Forest Road, North London | Meon Case Study

Bedding Mortar
Reinstatement | Forest Road, North London | Meon Case Study


Forest Road, North London


Working with JB Riney who where carrying out extensive reinstatement works on this crossroads in North London, we selected a cover that was directly in the wheel track and likely to get a huge amount of traffic traversing across it, the challenge was to make sure that the cover was removed, re-bedded and ready to open whilst working alongside other works within the same road closure.


Once the cover was removed and the excavation cleaned out, the new cover was re-bedded on fast-set bedding mortar, back filled with Hardmaster W615 and left to cure whilst we prepared the Permafyx L271 (Been replaced by PermaFyx L273) with 6mm aggregate.  Despite the adverse weather we managed to complete the work, seal the top joint using our Ultracrack L270 and clean up with over an hour to go before the TM was lifted.


It was great to engage with the onsite team and show them just how easy this type of reinstatement can be and by the time we had completed the works, the guys had really grasped the concept and said they would be more than happy to use this system for future works.


HardMaster W615

PermaFyx L271 (6mm) (Been replaced by PermaFyx L273)

UltraCrack L270


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