Rutland County Council have a ‘Climate Change Action Motion’ statement, which includes a commitment to take action to deal with climate change to make sure that the Council’s activities achieve netzero carbon before 2050.

Following an awareness session whereby the Meon team presented on how to improve Safety, increase Durability and reduce Carbon emissions of highway markings and reinstatement systems, Rutland County Council committed to trialling new systems on the scheme.

Rutland County Council have been working very closely with Meon over the last few months to get this project complete. It is key to our environmental agenda to reach zero carbon and we are continually looking at projects like this. Rutland County Council are really keen to know the performance of this system, and Meon will be actively monitoring the site over the next 6-12 months and reporting back.

The surface marking works programme was completed on a new asphalt substrate using cold applied systems, therefore removing the need for hot works on site. This included nearly 300 linear metres of 150mm centre line.

Meon’s commitment to helping the industry reduce carbon went a step further by using a early concept of the new e-powered ES Roadliner ECO on display here today.

The scheme utilised Meon’s hard wearing and highly durable ViaLine and UltraStripe L224 MMA products, and supported two of Rutland County Council’s key objectives; to achieve the highest possible safety standards in an accident black spot area, to make sure that the Council’s activities achieve net-zero carbon before 2050.

The lines themselves offer a 60% increase in night-time visibility, with 300% more durability. By using the ES Roadliner ECO line marking machine, carbon output can be reduced by up to 90%.

Rutland County Council believe that this is the future. Rutland County Council need to trial these cold applied systems and see how they go, ensuring that we meet our zero carbon strategy in a safe and sustainable method.

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