How To Install Step Nosing

How To's - Surface Repairs

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A video to show how to install Meon’s Step Nosing to increase slip resistance on steps.

1. Surface Preparation

Clean the area of the surface to be repaired. Brush away any loose stone or debris from the area. For installation you will need:

  • Step Nosing
  • Broom
  • Drill
  • Suitable self tapping screws
  • Sealant gun and adhesive

2. Dry Fit

Place the step nosing on the step, to ensure they fit freely, and that they sit flat on the surface. Smooth out and remove any protuding elements i.e. screws etc. 

3. Application Of The Adhesive

4. Immediately Place The Panel In Place

Immediately press the panel firmly to the substrate to ensure adequate transfer of adhesive. 

5. Drill Two Holes At Each Side

Drill to holes on each side of the SlipGrip Stair Tread Cover, to lock the position. Ensure you are using an appropriate drill bit and drill.

6. Position Self Tapping Screws

Position the self tapping screws, then drill into place.

7. Fixing It In Place

If fitting to metal substrate, use self-tapping screws. There is no need to counter sink the screw holes since the screw can be tightened so that it beds into the gritted surface, making it flush with the wearing surface.

8. Fixing The Step Nosing

As before position the self tapping screws with a hammer, then drill / screw into place.

9. Remove Any Dust

Using clean water, brush over the screws to remove any dust.


Use the correct drill and drill bits, and remove any protruding debris prior to laying the step nosing. 

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