How To Use A HeatForce Y910

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Quick startup video guide for the HeatForce Y910. The HeatForce Y910 is a self-contained forced air road dryer that produces a concentrated and powerful high velocity flame. It is used to rapidly disperse water and dry road surfaces in preparation for the application of road markings and joint sealing.

1. Attaching The Regulator

Set up the HeatForce Y910 in an suitable outdoor area. Cone off an area away from people and follow any required Health and Safety Risk Assessments for the site prior to using the machine. Remove any outer caps on the gas bottle, and attach the regulator, hand tighten the nut, then using a spanner complete the tightening process. 

  • Appropriate Gas Bottle
  • Heatforce Y910
  • Suitable PPE

2. Adjust The Regulator

Turn the gas bottle valve to be fully open. Then set the regulator to be between 1 and 2 bar of pressure, suitable to your requirements. 

3. Ensure The Gas Torch Is Securely In Position

Ensure the gas torch is in suitable position and is securely in the position to the side of the machine in the cradle. 

4. Switch The Levers To ‘On’ Position

Switch the levers to the ‘On’ position, for the engine, the fuel and the choke. Move the throttle to about half way when starting the engine, then increase once the flame is ignited. Use the pull chord to start the engine once the engine is running and warmed which takes around 15-30 seconds, switch off the choke to avoid over fuelling the engine. Finally, move the throttle to maximum capacity ready for igniting the burner

5. Pull The Start Chord

Once the machine levers are in the ‘On’ position, pull the start chord. 

6.  Turn On The Gas Flow

By turning on the gas flow, gas will be issued immediately so be prepared to do the next steps in quick succession. Ensure the air valve is switched to off position, to avoid the flame being on the most powerful setting.

7.  Turn On Ignition – (This Will Start The Flame Immediatedly)

Press the red button a red light will appear and make a clicking sound and the gas torch will start producing a reduced flame (if the air valve is in the off position). 

8.  Reduced Flame 

When the air valve is set to the closed position the machine will produce a quieter and more orange flame. 

9.  Open The Air Valve – To Increase Flame Strength

By opening the air valve the flame will become a lot more powerful, before doing this be prepared to start moving to avoid heat being concentrated in one area.

10.  Be Prepared To Move When Air Valve Is Set To Increased Flame Strength

Open the air flow valve to increase the power of the flame. Move in a steady and consistent manner. Vary the air flow to suit the heat required for the situation.

11.  Switching off the machine.

Reverse the above process to switch off the machine safely. Be aware that there will be hot parts, especially the gas lance and it’s surrounding areas.

  • Close the air valve.
  • Turn off the gas flow.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Switch the levers for the fuel and throttle to the off position. 
  • Turn off the gas on both regulators.
  • If moving or storing the gas bottle, remove the regulators and replace the cap on the gas bottle. 
  • Wait for machine to cool down before loading machine onto any vehicle or putting into storage areas.


Safety is key when working with gas heaters. If you are unsure on how to use the machine, ask a supervisor or feel free to contact Meon for support. The machine lance will remain hot for a while so exercise caution.

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