Auto Layout | Faster and more efficient line marking methods | Virtual EXPO 2.0

Auto Layout | Faster and more efficient line marking methods | Virtual EXPO 2.0

Linemarking is a skilled profession, providing quality delineation for the whole nation. The Industry is constantly progressing with innovation, and what we’re focusing on in this video is faster, easier and often more accurate application methods. 

Large lining jobs can quickly get fatiguing for the operators, and repeat markings such as skip lines can also be mentally fatiguing, as well as physically, as the operator is constantly having to judge where to start and stop applying each skip line.

Our LineLazer Auto series machines are all equipped with the means to apply markings a lot faster, easier and more accurate than before. These machines have 3 modes for auto applications called Manual, Semi-auto, and Automatic, plus they also have extensive measuring and auto layout features.

The manual mode allows the operator to simply press the auto gun trigger with the left thumb to start the application instead of pulling a lever. Constant light pressure on the button will continue spraying until the operator releases their thumb from the button.

This helps to reduce fatigue on larger more complicated jobs and when spraying for increased length of time. As the solenoids operate the paint gun quickly, the ends of the painted lines will be a lot sharper and neater than spraying manually.

Once semi-auto mode is set up on the screen, the spray will automatically stop at the same length every time. All it requires is a few moments setting the desired line length on the screen, and then every line will be sprayed the same length.

This is great for refreshing existing lines where the markings may vary in spacing between each line, as you can control when the spray starts. Semi auto can also help when spraying car park markings to get perfect consistency with every marking. The Auto mode moves it up another level.

The line length and gap between each line can be pre-set, so that each line and the gap between each line, whilst different from each other, can be consistent every time. This is ideal for the operator as they will not have to worry about starting and stopping the spray at the right time and can focus on keeping the machine on the required line.

Even more essential if you are working to a specification with set dimensions for the markings. Skip lines and car park markings have never been easier or more accurate. For those spraying long lengths of line, the LineLazer will continue spraying in auto mode once the gun trigger has been depressed until the trigger is pressed again at the completion of the line. What could be easier?

As long as the machine is positioned correctly! The Auto layout feature can save you a great amount of time measuring and pre-marking. This mode will do the pre-marking for you without needing to measure or use chalk lines and extra operatives.

This feature can really be a great time and cost saving when applying new car park markings or ghost markings. These auto features can also produce some spectacular results with the ability to apply complex markings in one pass.

This can save a huge amount of time and also greatly improve the consistency of these kind of markings, as this type of marking is the most susceptible to inconsistency due to their complexity.

Due to the increased complexity of the Auto Layout, we always suggest operators become proficient in using the LineLazer and the Auto modes above before attempting to master the Auto Layout features.

If you are interested in how you can utilise these features on your machine, or purchasing one of these machines to save you time and increase the quality of your work, give us a call on 023 9220 0606 or drop us an email at