CONTEC® Product Range | Internal surface preparation equipment | MEON

CONTEC® Product Range | Internal surface preparation equipment | MEON

CONTEC® machines are perfect for internal line removal. If you want to ensure quality results there are no better machines for the job. Machine drums are exceptional in providing different solutions for a variety of different jobs, Meon we can provide everything that you require.

CONTEC® has been recognised since 1995 as being one of the best manufacturers of surface preparation machinery in the world. The product range includes all the latest, state of the art equipment such as mobile shotblasters, floor grinders, floor strippers and floor planers. Naturally all the machines are dust free thanks to CONTEC®’s high performance dust collectors. Apart from state of the art technology used in the machines themselves, CONTEC® has repeatedly distinguished itself with innovative and technological developments.

CONTEC® equipment excels on, and has been utilised across a wide and diverse range of applications:

Industrial floors, Airports, Bridges, Civil engineering, Park decks, Commercial and military ship decks, the Nuclear industry, Decorative flooring, Natural stone floors and much, much more!

Excellent co-operation and honest and fair dealings with long-standing partners and customers secure our success in the future!

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