Cycle Superhighway Routes Trial

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Cycle Superhighway Routes Trial
On Tuesday the 17th January 2017, Meon visited London to aid trials for a new Cycle Superhighway.


Cycle Superhighways were announced in 2008 by then-mayor of London Ken Livingstone, as a large part of London’s plan to give cyclists safer, faster, and more direct journeys into the city. Since then they have become a lifesaver for cyclists who previously would be using roads alongside hundreds of vehicles, putting their lives at risk every day just through commuting.

Providing a clearly marked out, separated ‘road’, Cycle superhighways segregates cyclists from traffic and allows them to get from A to B faster. Since opening the very first superhighway, London has been rapidly increasing the amount of confident cyclists on their roads. The plan is to make the entire city much more free-flowing (or as some would say, less awkward) in terms of traffic, and reduce the large environmental effects that the millions of cars cause whilst driving through London.

Cycle superhighways are a large step in the ongoing urban regeneration plans that London is consistently working on and improving. Urban regeneration keeps areas modern and efficient, and ensures a quality standard of living. As technology progresses, there is an increasing need for our infrastructure to do the same, to ensure a well-organised and effective transport system.