How does our new FloorLine compare to other internal floor marking paint

How does our new FloorLine compare to other internal floor marking paint

There are many challenges you may face with internal marking solutions. From not being durable enough, through to picking up dirt and grime easily. Another challenge often faced when line marking internally, is the reduced time available, and the pressure to get the site back in operation as soon as possible.

Getting sites back operational is a key driver behind many projects, and many times you must investigate what products can get you the best results, in the shortest possible time. Traditional methods such as two pack epoxies, or a single pack paint and sealer, can take a relatively long time to complete compared to using a single pack product on its own, however, the finished project is of a higher standard, and more likely to stand the test of time.

We recently launched our FloorLine F212, and how does it compare to traditional methods of internal linemarking?

Here are the simple pros and cons of the internal lining options…

Two pack epoxies:

  • High build – Very hard wearing, durable and long lasting in heavy trafficked areas
  • Gloss finish – easy to clean, and less likely to pick up dirt
  • Excellent resistance to fuel and chemical spills
  • Longer cure time – site not operational for a longer period
  • Longer application process – mixing required

Single pack with sealer:

  • Simple and easy to apply – no mixing required
  • Gloss finish to less likely to pick up dirt, and easier to clean
  • Sealer still has extended cure time
  • Two process application takes longer time

Single pack without sealer:

  • Fast drying – Less disruption and quick return to service
  • Quick and easy to apply through Graco airless spray machines
  • Matt finish so can pick up any dirt tracked from surrounding area
  • Will wear quicker in comparison to the above, often though its dirtiness makes it appear worn

The FloorLine F212 – the product that bridges the gap between a single pack product, and a single pack product with a sealer.

  • Quicker return to action (touch dry 15-30 mins, traffic after 4 hours)
  • Satin finish to easier to clean, and less likely to pick up dirt compared to single pack without sealer
  • Spray applied so quick and easy to apply
  • Less processes required compared to single pack with sealer
  • More durable than stand-alone single pack products
  • Only satin finish so not as glossy as products with extra sealer

Example products:

Two pack epoxy: RoadLine X420

Single pack: ViaLine F210

Sealer: ClearSeal X260 

FloorLine F212

The above observations are based on testing, customer trials and completed projects, when applied in accordance to the relevant datasheets.