Introducing The New HardMaster W672 Bucket & New Toolbox Tips Release

Introducing The New HardMaster W672 Bucket & New Toolbox Tips Release

Meon are excited to announce the newest product in our Toolbox Tips series: MAGMA HardMaster W672 Surface Reinstatement Concrete in bucket form. HardMaster W672 is a fibre reinforced, non-shrink, rapid setting concrete designed for surface reinstatement around street ironwork and general reinstatement in concrete roads, drives and surfaces. Typical applications include the filling of ‘picture frames’, concrete road and path repairs, and surface reprofiling.

HardMaster W672 was originally only sold in bag form, but the new bucket form is sure to improve usability of the product on-site. The key reason behind the production of HardMaster W672 in bucket form is for this usability; you can mix the product in the bucket. This reduces work time, the amount of equipment you must use, amount of cleaning necessary as you can dispose of any product you don’t use in the bucket, or you can simply repurpose the bucket for general waste.

HardMaster W672 is perfect for any application that requires high early strength gain and a quick return to service time. Its rapid set and high early strength development help reduce construction and road closure times, making it ideal for both planned and emergency repairs. HardMaster W672 is compatible for use with concrete, brick, and stone substrates.

Phil Spencer, Reinstatement Specialist at Meon had this to say about the new bucket form of HardMaster W672;

Having this product in a bucket means far less wastage for the customer, a part used unit can be sealed up much more securely & easily which is fantastic”

If you would like to learn about the new bucket form of MAGMA HardMaster W672 in more detail, our Toolbox Tips video on our Training Academy linked below will provide you with in depth instructions on how to use the product, as well as tips and tricks that will help you get the best use out of it:

Or you can watch the Toolbox Tips video on YouTube here:

If you are interested in MAGMA HardMaster W672 Surface Reinstatement Concrete in its new 25kg bucket form, you can click this link to view the product page:

There is a wealth of information on our website that includes white papers, data sheets and more. If you would like some more information about HardMaster W672, give us a call on 023 9220 0606 or drop us an email at