The facilities industry is fast-growing, with over 2.1 billion square foot of warehousing being used in the UK as of last year, and that number increasing rapidly.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure the facility is in full working order for maximum productivity. Meon has dedicated decades to providing superior surfaces to facilities all across the UK. With the use of Meon’s specially-designed solutions, areas have seen a massive increase in workforce efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Meon launched two new internal line marking solutions in 2018 – both designed to aid your facility in creating a safe, lean, and efficient workforce.

The launch included two ranges of superior paint systems: Spectrum FloorCote and Spectrum SureStripe.

Spectrum FloorCote features a range of floor coatings designed for zones and areas to be painted. This multipurpose paint is perfect for internal zone markings, due to its low odour, fast dry times, and vast colour range. It produces a tough, hard wearing finish with the options of a full gloss or anti-slip result, allowing for a perfect internal surface with minimal downtime.

Coating a surface not only improves on safety with clear pathways and specially zoned areas but are also aesthetically pleasing. They also contribute to the upkeep of the surface, often sealing and protecting the surface it is applied to.

Spectrum FloorCote – Surface Coating Solutions


FloorCote W440
Water Based 2 Pack Epoxy – Smooth

A multipurpose, waterborne epoxy floor seal that produces a tough, hardwearing gloss finish

FloorCote W440
Water Based 2 Pack Epoxy – Anti-Slip
As W440 above with separate aggregate to add when an anti-slip finish is required
FloorCote W445
Rapid Cure Water Based 2 Pack Epoxy – Anti-Slip
Rapid curing variant of W440 supplied with separate aggregate to mix in when applying

In addition to FloorCote, Meon launched an internal line marking range – Spectrum SureStripe. This consisted of a range of high-performance lining paint available including a water-based solution, this produces a low odour and minimal harmful fumes, perfect for enclosed areas and food management sites. The range also includes a PU two-pack epoxy paint – which provides a high-gloss quality finish. The range offers durability and strength, making it perfect for a facility’s surface due to the heavy traffic it will be receiving.

Line markings are often one of the most important areas of any type of facility, providing clear areas for pedestrians, vehicles, packing and more.

SureStripe – Interior Marking

SureStripe W215
Water Based 1 Pack Acrylic
Entry level water-based lining paint.  Can be sprayed directly without masking if required – will have slightly fuzzy edges
SureStripe W315
Water Based 1 Pack Polyurethane
Higher gloss levels than the acrylic, brighter line and lightly more resistance to chemicals
SureStripe X325
Solvent Based 2 Pack Polyurethane
A high-performance coating with excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.  Provides a high gloss finish which enables easy cleaning and maintenance of lines

Both systems have been engineered to provide excellent results and make a noticeable difference to a facility. Improving productivity, safety, and aiding a lean workforce in the process.

As well as the innovative new range of systems, Meon also is able to supply a wide assortment of primers, sealers and tools to ensure that all sites are both functional and beautiful.