PermaFyx L273 - Extreme Strength Testing

Thursday the 28th of September, 2023

Meon Urban Garden

Earlier this year we were proud to present our revolutionary cold applied asphalt repair solution, PermaFyx L273, to the highways industry.

This game-changing product offers a permanent and fully cold applied alternative system to traditional hot applied asphalt repair methods.

Following the release of L273, discussion on social media began regarding the strength of our product. There was a great deal of comparison to other generic cold lay asphalt repair products and a general misunderstanding of our specialist permanent product. Overall, there was a great deal of assumption due to lack of information.

We are confident that our innovative product, PermaFyx L273, is so much more than your generic cold lay asphalt material. We decided to put L273 to the test in some product strength tests for everyone to see. This has resulted in the creation of a new series of vlogs, ‘Extreme Strength Testing’, with the debut episode featuring PermaFyx L273 in all its glory. 

Check out our Extreme Strength Testing video below!

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