The Fastest Aerosol Marking System In The Market: Soppec Purespray & Tracing Pro

Soppec Aerosol Purespray

PureSpray is the fastest line marking system in the market, using an aerosol-based application system. The system is comprised of the Soppec Driver and Tracing Pro Aerosol range. The Soppec Driver is a straightforward kit, but it does not compromise on providing the highest quality lines.

It is a compact unit that can be stored anywhere and is very simply set up for application by placing the handle into position and screwing it in place. You can set up your aerosols at the perfect position for the application you require using the markings on the trolley to indicate your spray width, from 50mm up to 120mm

This applicator has superior stability and ergonomics, which allows you to apply the highest quality lines with the least fatigue. With the PureSpray system, line markings can be applied at an optimum speed of 1.2km/h, the fastest aerosol-based application system available!

  • The low-profile design and the central position of the drawbar provide strong stability.
  • Versatile application suitable for use on either smooth (concrete) or uneven surfaces (asphalt).
  • The marking width is adjustable continuously from 5 to 12 cm.
  • The spray zone is sheltered and optimized not to disrupt the sprayed paint.
  • The design provides the user with a clear sight of the target and the line marking area.
  • The compact shape allows up to 60 mm of a frontal obstacle and 79 mm of a side obstacle.

The Tracing Pro Aerosols line marking paint has been designed to secure workplace safety through safety signage compliance for yourself, your employees, visitors, and clients. With just one product, it allows you to make your markings outdoors and indoors, with high quality and exceptional resistance to clogging. It guarantees a clear spray and a high flow rate over a longer distance than its competitors and allows you to carry out your markings more quickly and at a lower cost.

Advanced aerosol technology provides exceptional coverage, up to 130 metres of 50mm line on a smooth surface, which sprays a consistent even coverage until the can is empty. It is an industrial grade marking paint that can be trafficked after an hour and performs well under heavy traffic after 24 hours.

  • Resistance to clogging outperforms many competitor aerosols.
  • 90 m coverage within 75 mm line width with one aerosol can on a smooth surface (concrete) at optimal speed.
  • It is touch-dry in 11 minutes, light traffic-ready in 60 minutes and heavy traffic-ready within 24 hours.
  • Brightness, contrast, durability, it is an industrial-grade marking paint that withstands the most severe conditions (UV, solvents, pedestrian, car, or forklift-truck traffic) indoor or outdoor.

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