Top 10 Best Paint Applications

Top 10 Best Paint Applications

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Line markings and coatings are widely used throughout the UK, and one of the main missions here at Meon and throughout the surfacing industry is to ensure all surfaces are both beautiful and functional. By making the most of the ranges and solutions available, you can help accomplish this mission.

Although Meon offers a wide range of marking options, there are a few specific products and solutions that your attention should be drawn to.

Below are 10 Top products and systems to suit every application:

There many options and variations when it comes to choosing the correct line marking product to suit your application. You need to take into account the application substrates, the area of application, slip resistance, regulations and much more. Markings need to be durable, cost effective as well as the need to stay bright and crisp. One of Meon’s most highly recommended paint systems is SPECTRUM ViaLine – a highly durable, bright and also environmentally friendly marking solution.

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Walkway markings play a vital role in the safety of a facility and are applied in many areas – from warehouses to distribution centres, to retail parks. Factors such as visibility and Slip Resistant Value must be taken into account when marking out walkways, to ensure effective results. Meon’s MultiGrip is a popular choice for this, due to its high opacity and SRV.

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When applying line markings to highways, it is important to ensure the lines are bright, clear, and easily readable. There are many standards to abide by when line marking highways, so the perfect products are needed to complete the job effectively. A popular choice for highway line marking is Meon’s UltraLine – a hard-wearing and fast-curing MMA road paint.

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Zone markings can be applied to many uses, such as disabled bays, cycle routes, loading areas, and EV charging bays. For all applications, it is important that the paint used is brightly coloured and highly opaque, to differentiate itself from the surrounding surface. Meon’s UltraGrip is a popular choice for this reason, as it is UV stable – meaning it does not fade from sun exposure.

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Facilities require internal markings to maximise their safety and efficiency when running. To aid this, the markings should be bright and durable. Meon’s RoadLine is perfect for this, as it is a long lasting, opaque epoxy floor paint.

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Internal coatings are used for a variety of purposes but are always required to have a high opacity and last a long time. Meon’s FloorCote X445 is perfect for this due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, high SRV, and hard-wearing properties.

High friction surfaces play a vital part in many applications. Not only do they need to have a very high SRV, but they need to vividly stand out against surrounding surfaces and withstand high traffic volumes. Meon’s UltraForce is a rapid curing MMA resin bonded system perfect for HFS.

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Runway markings are an extremely important part of an airfield and are set to very high standards in order to ensure maximum safety of the facility. Meon’s TrafficLine is a popular choice for runway markings due to its fast drying, high build, and heavy-duty properties.

Hazard Markings are used to communicate important messages about the surrounding area, and it is for this reason that they must remain easily readable. Meon’s ThermaMark is perfect for this application, due to its superb quality of manufacture, high durability, and skid-resistance.

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