Versatile Dual Colour Line Marking | Graco LineLazer 200DC | Virtual EXPO 3.0

Versatile Dual Colour Line Marking | Graco LineLazer 200DC | Virtual EXPO 3.0

Typically line marking equipment is designed for a specific product types such as paint, thermoplastic or MMA, and sometimes different equipment is designed for specific applications or volumes.

This means increased investment in equipment to deliver on the increased use of alternatives to traditional thermoplastic marking methods.

The LineLazer 200DC is a very versatile machine for applying a range of materials and for a range of applications giving maximum return on investment and allowing contractors to expand their own capabilities.

Several products can be used with the 200DC, water-based and solvent-based paints, single and 2 pack as well as MMA markings offering a range of product performance levels.

This versatility expands your capability from basic car park refresh applications through to high specification highway line markings which outperform traditional marking methods.

The dual paint containers on the machine allow for the use of two colours to be used at the same time which is ideal for airport markings where there are dual colour lines for taxiways and bays.

This is not only suited for airports however, this machine can increase productivity when applying road markings by setting up to apply white lines and double yellows, reducing time taken on standard machines to change over the colours or the space to carry 2 machines to apply both types of markings.

Meon recommend priming any surface before applying markings and for large applications it is most efficient to spray the primer.

The LineLazer 200DC can again be set up with primer and paint at the same time so that you can switch across quickly without having to clear out the machine and set up the paint once you have primed.

As the LineLazer 200DC has two pumps in comparison to most standard machines which have a single pump, its capability is significantly increased. Up to 4 spray guns can be fitted to this machine, making it possible to paint very wide lines or areas and complex colour patterns if required.

Full bead coverage can still be achieved too with the impressive, pressurized bead system. As you can see it is capable of applying full contrast markings with a reflective white line surrounded by a black contrast area.

Contrast markings are the kind of markings which will become prevalent in the future, to help provide clear delineation to guide autonomous vehicles and currently can be time consuming to apply.

However, with this machine the entire markings can be applied in a single pass.

If you are looking at ways to improve your line marking capabilities or productivity this machine will be certainly worth considering

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