Magma MagmaLine R110 Preformed Thermoplastic Lines

Magma MagmaLine R110 Preformed Thermoplastic Lines (1 Roll, 5m)

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Preformed Thermoplastic Lines

MagmaLine R110 is a preformed thermoplastic line with good visibility in day or night conditions and excellent skid resistance. The intermixed glass beads and anti-skid particles, which are incorporated on top and within the material, ensure high performance throughout its functional life. Traditionally used for utility reinstatement, MagmaLine R110 can be used for new road markings, pavements, rail platforms, car parks, step edgings, and more as the ...

Product Features…

  • Consistent quality through all colours
  • Low application cost
  • Fast return to service


Customer Benefits…

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Efficient way to reinstate lines
  • Minimal disruption

Customer Product Review...

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 27, 2021
I was researching information on…
I was researching information on thermoplastic road markings and found exactly what I was looking for. The literature available was perfect for my needs and understanding. Perfect for anyone who needs to specify such products.

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