MMA ScratchCote Kit 22.5kg

MMA ScratchCote Kit 22.5kg


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Spectrum ScratchCote is used to prepare surfaces with a significant negative texture or uneven finish. Typical examples include asphalts such as SMA, tamped concrete, surface dressing & other similar surfaces. 
ScratchCote is an MMA void filler which is applied to the surface and hardens rapidly, providing a flat & even surface for the application of other Spectrum and DekorGrip systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides an even surface, leading to a high quality finished project
  • Allows continuous application with no down time, due to fast cure time
  • Accepts wide range of finishes
  • Increases coverage rates of final finish, providing cost savings
  • Supplied pre-packaged & ready-to-mix for simplicity & speed
  • Solvent-free formula"