Magma UltraNuvo MMA Asphalt Primer 2.1kg

Magma UltraNuvo MMA Asphalt Primer 2.1kg


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Asphalt Primer

UltraNuvo is a clear primer designed for priming asphalt surfaces before the application of MMA and PU-based anti-skid and slip-resistant coatings. It has a very short cure time, reaching full strength by the end of the cure time. This enables it to be used as a primer for new-laid surfaces as any bitumen "bleed" is caught within the primer and prevented from migrating to the finishing treatment.

Features & Benefits...

  • Solvent-free for a more environmentally-friendly solution
  • Clear product to avoid affecting the colour of final surface treatment
  • A very fast cure to enable the immediate application of final surface treatment and minimise road closure time
  • Supplied in kit form with application tools for ease of use

Customer Product Review...

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jan 05, 2021
Great service!
Well, what can I say? I phoned at around 4pm, spoke to a young lady by the name of Tabitha who proceeded to deal with my unreasonable request of having an order ready for pick up 8am tomorrow morning! I have just received an email from her at 9.45pm to confirm she has personally spoken to the warehouse team and it will all be ready. What a absolute committed and passionate team player. Excellent service as always Meon,...

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