Spectrum UniPrime X250 Single Pack Acrylic Primer for Concrete 5L

Spectrum UniPrime X250 Single Pack Acrylic Concrete Primer 5 litre

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Acrylic Concrete Primer

The Spectrum UniPrime x250 acrylic concrete primer is an easy to use single pack and designed for use with acrylic paints and MMA resins. It is fully sprayable using airless spray equipment and can also be hand-applied. Used to prime concrete and other cementitious surfaces, after suitable preparations, to promote excellent adhesion for Spectrum ViaLine, UltraLine, UltraStripe, and many other Spectrum MMA products. 

Product Features...

  • Excellent penetration into concrete surface
  • Fully sprayable
  • Ideal for line application


Customer Benefits…

  • Increased longevity of markings
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient system for Line markings

Products it works well with…


ViaLine F216 

UltraLine L210

UltraClean X792

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Technical Info

  • Non-EnviraPac 25L icon Non-EnviraPac 25L
  • Non-EnviraPac 5L icon Non-EnviraPac 5L
  • Spray Applied icon Spray Applied
  • Roller Applied icon Roller Applied

Customer Product Review...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Mar 22, 2022
Using Meon
Throughout my experience of using Meon, they have always endeavoured to providing a close working relationship with the business, ensuring all needs are met as quickly as possible. The quality of their products and material are high quality. Customer service is excellent throughout the team which really does show. Pricing should be reviewed to be in line with competitors.

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