Meon Wales & West Trial

Complex Ironworks Reinstatement with Zero Compaction or Hot Works

Case Study

Traditional Failed Ironwork


Traditional Failed Ironwork

Wales & West are responsible for the maintenance of many Ironwork assets. They are proactive in improving their efficient service, by being open to new innovative solutions.

A twin, double cover Ironworks had previously received some maintenance works months earlier, but it had further deteriorated and was now rattling, causing disruption for the nearby residents.

One of the biggest challenges faced with this Ironworks reinstatement was the covers, positioned less than 150mm apart, meaning no compaction could be applied within this zone, causing an inherent weak point.

The impact of ineffective repair solutions for Ironworks, can increase the ongoing cost, use more resources and develop to become a greater problem.


Meon Wales & West Ironwork Trial

Meon supported Wales & West with the installation and suggested using our HardMaster, Rapid Set Concrete Bedding and Back Fill System, topped off with our revolutionary Asphalt Repair Solution, PermaFyx L273.

By using the HardMaster W620 Bedding Mortar and HardMaster W621 Flowable Backfill Concrete, the narrow channel between the 2 covers was no issue and PermaFyx L273, requiring zero compaction, was the crowning touch.

The repair was sealed with UltraCrack L270, to help prevent the ingress of water into the repair, maximising its durability and longevity.

All the systems used are cold applied, so no hot works equipment was required for completion of the repair.

Meon Wales & West Ironwork Trial
Meon Ironwork System


Meon Ironwork System

Local residents were able to benefit from a safe, effective and efficient Ironwork repair. The finished result is a very secure, well protected Ironwork, with a quick service time, the repair was open to traffic in just 90 minutes.

The chemical reaction bond strength, achieved with our Cold Applied Rapid Set Concrete and Asphalt Repair Solutions requires zero compaction, hot works or heavy equipment, allowing for ease of application and minimal disruption to the local road network.

Due to its high strength and durability, this ironworks will outlast several more years than traditional repair systems.

Wales & West

Meet Our Customer

Wales & West

Wales and West Utilities serves an area covering 7.5 million customers and delivers gas to 2.5 million meter points. Their gas distribution network covers one-sixth of the UK.

Wales and West Utilities are based in Newport in South Wales their gas distribution area covers the rural areas of Wales down to Cornwall as well as many large cities.

"We are really pleased with the way the system is built up; it has a lot of strength.

From what we have seen it looks fantastic, we will monitor it over time and see how it performs."

 - Wales & West

Complete Cold Applied System Used

Magma HardMaster W620 | Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar

HardMaster W620 is a high strength bedding mortar that provides exceptional performance in wet conditions.

It has a guaranteed cure as it is a two-component product and can achieve strengths of 40N/mm2 in 3 hours.

Typical applications include the bedding of inspection chamber frames/covers, stanchion posts, kerbstones, setts and other street furniture installations.

Magma HardMaster W621 | Polymer Modified Flowable Backfill Concrete

HardMaster W621 flowable mortar backfill concrete is a two-component.

This is a high-performance mortar containing the benefits of resin-based materials with the ease of use of cementitious materials.

It is designed for the rapid installation and reinstatement of highway systems and provides exceptional performance in wet weather conditions.

Magma PermaFyx L273 | Permanent Asphalt Repair Kit

PermaFyx L273 is a permanent asphalt repair product based on high-performance cold applied MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin which will outlast the surrounding substrate.

This is the perfect solution for small defect repairs such as potholes and ironwork surrounds, where it’s not practical to call out a hot box, but a permanent repair is required.

PermaFyx L273 provides a professional finish replicating a hot-lay asphalt, blending into the surrounding surface and meets all requirements for use on highways.

Magma UltraCrack L270 | MMA Overbanding & Crack Repair Kit

UltraCrack is an MMA crack repair which is a cold plastic product that is designed for crack infill and overbanding.

As with all MMA products, it is very fast-curing, which makes it ideal to live traffic situations where road closure time needs to be kept to a minimum.

It is very durable, enabling permanent repairs which will outlast the surface itself, extending the life of surfaces by resisting the inflow of water and minimising damage caused by freeze/thaw.