Another Year of Successful Corporate Social Responsibility:
Our 2023 CSR Wrap-Up!

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Meon CSR World Leader Award 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, an exciting new year is just around the corner. We want to take this opportunity to reflect and take a look at the range of fantastic CSR events #TeamMeon have been a part of, recognising the importance of being a workplace that cares and celebrating this collaborative success.

After receiving our Silver CSR Accreditation last year and releasing our latest Social Impact Report, this year has been packed with Corporate Social Responsibility activities, alongside this, we received our ‘CSR World Leader’ Award which we are all incredibly proud of.

2023 has acknowledged the importance of working together as a team to bring sustainable innovation to the highways industry, but also a great opportunity to carry our sustainable and compassionate workplace values over to society, by giving back in as many ways as possible.

Friends of Portsdown Hill - Employee Volunteering Day

Russell, Head of Decarbonisation Strategy here at Meon, spent a day volunteering for 'Friends of Portsdown Hill', helping out with their conservation project.

"You've come along with a tractor, I usually have to disengage the trailer from my tractor so this is a elegant solution and I am very grateful for you to come along and help out." 
- Richard Jones, Friends of Portsdown Hill

Russell Smallridge CSR Day
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Motiv8 - Holiday Activities and Food - Employee Volunteering Day

Sarah, Head of Customer Experience at Meon, spent a day volunteering at Motiv8 during their holiday activites and food provisioning service.

Motiv8 help children and their families by providing a safe place to go, along with a hot lunch and and various activities throughout the half term holidays.  

"So lovely to hear you had a good time with us and could see how our young people benefit from the provision. Anytime you would like to volunteer again please get in touch, we would love to have you support us again."  - Motiv8

Motiv8 Logo
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EBP South - Student Employer Interviews - Employee Volunteering Day

Emilie, CSR Ambassador and Gary, CEO here at Meon, spent a day volunteering at Park Community School interviewing their current senior students in a mock employer style interview senario.

This fantastic volunteer opportunity helps younger people develop their interview skills, necessary for greater success in later life. 

Meon CSR Day EBP South Park Community School
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Wear It Green and Mental Health Awareness Week

Team Meon participated in this years Mental Health Awareness Week and introduced a buddy scheme in the workplace.

Each employee was appointed a buddy to check in with throughout the week and update on eachothers well-being, something as simple as an email or brief chat to check up on them.

Additionally, on Wear It Green Day the Team came to work wearing green clothing and offered donations to help promote awareness and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation Charity.

Team Meon Mental Health Awareness Week
CSR Wear It Green Day Fruit
CSR Wear It Green Day Buddy Treats
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Charity Fundraising Car Boot

The Meon Culture Committee organised a fundraising carboot where the Team had the chance to donate unwanted items for sale.

After a successful carboot day, the Team successfully raised £320 towards various charitable causes. 

Fundraising Carboot Meon
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Meon UK Sustainable Employee Urban Garden

Team Meon got their green fingers stuck into some sustainable crafting and worked together to build flowerbeds, using up-cycled wooden pallets.

This team-building activity was a chance for the team to relieve stress, have some fun and work in a collaborative effort to add some colour to our new employee Urban Garden.

The act of gardening is known to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

Flowers are essential for pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are crucial for maintaining the local biodiversity.

Meon CSR Urban Garden
Meon Sustainable Flowerbeds
CSR Garden Meon
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Halloween Week Team Activities

Team Meon got rather spooky this Halloween thanks to the Culture Committee organising some fun team building activities to celebrate Halloween week.

The Team got stuck into competitive pumpkin carving, followed by the live 'Meon-Mummification' in our warehouse. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to bond as a team, relieve stress and have some fun.

Halloween Week Meon Pumpkins
Halloween Week Meon CSR Mummies
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Blunsdon Village Hall - Employee Volunteering Day

Giles, Sales Representative at Meon, volunteered his surfacing expertise to reinstate the carpark surface located at the Blunsdon Community Shop. 

Meon supplied a quanity of materials free of charge for the project, which has helped Blunsdon Parish Council greatly to complete this project.

"Thank you so much for your hard work in making new the car park surface where the old shop cabin used to be located.

Your support both in completing the works and obtaining sponsorship for the materials is greatly appreciated by the Blunsdon Community Shop Management Committee and the Blunsdon Community as a whole.
- Maggie Banda, Chair, Blunsdon Community Shop & Cafe

Blunsdon Village Hall CSR Volunteering Day
Blunsdon Village Hall CSR Project
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Festive Jumper Day and Meat Raffle

The Meon Culture Committee organised a special fund raising event this December, raising £247 for the Save The Children Charity. 

Featuring a Meat Raffle, Team Meon were able to try their luck in winning 3 generous Meat selections, with all money from the raffle tickets to be donated to Save The Children.

Additionally, the Team got the chance to wear their finest Christmas jumpers. Looking good Team Meon!

Meon Christmas Jumper Day 2023
Meon Meat Raffle Save The Children
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"So often values are linked to a business and rightly so. And then the people live those values in their business life.

It’s when those values extend to a wider contribution to society that you feel a purpose has come alive.

As a co-founder of Meon, it really gives me a huge sense of achievement to see my staff and my business truly ‘giving back’ this year and spurs us on to do better going forward." -
Gary Spencer, CEO for Meon

We want to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations for all of #TeamMeon's effort over 2023, as well as a huge thank you the local communities that are fundamental for the prosperity of society. 

Heres to 2024, a new year filled with fresh opportunities, innovative solutions, and sustainable progress!