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UltraCrack L270 HAPAS Approved

We are thrilled to announce that our signature MMA overbanding & crack repair solution UltraCrack L270 is now officially HAPAS approved.

UltraCrack is a MMA cold plastic crack repair solution that is designed for crack infill and overbanding.

As with all MMA products, it is very fast curing, which makes it ideal to live traffic situations where road closure time needs to be kept to a minimum.

It is very durable, enabling permanent repairs which will outlast the surface itself, extending the life of surfaces by resisting the inflow of water and minimising damage caused by freeze/thaw.

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The product is a cold-lay product, requiring no hot works or specialised equipment; along with its simple application method, this puts the product within the reach of any competent install team.

This allows the best use of human resources and enables a rapid response to any reactive works, without the cost or lead-in times associated with specialist subcontractors.

It is suitable for any asphalt surface, including roads and highways, pavements, airfields, station platforms.

Check out the UltraCrack L270 product page here.