Cold Lay Asphalt Material Repairs Potholes Caused By Heavy Vehicle Traffic

Case Study

Problem Pothole


Southampton Docks is a major hub for container shipping, with more than 2 million containers passing through each year.

Potholes caused by heavy vehicle traffic is a recurring issue and having the time frame to carry out a permanent repair through road closure was not an option.

The impact of leaving such a repair only causes more issues down the line, heavily trafficked areas will see further deterioration, leading to greater cost the longer it is left.

The Dock Yard has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years and keeping the road surfaces maintained is a continual process, as they have heavy and very intense traffic.


The road surface repair was required to be quick and efficient, without the use lots of equipment and minimal downtime on the road, allowing the container trucks minimal delay with the transport of their goods.

Our PermaFyx L273 Permanent Asphalt Repair Kit was the perfect solution for this problem, being robust and resistant to repeat defects, replicating the original hot lay asphalt aesthetic with a professional finish, and being extremely practical for the situation with a fast cure time.

Pothole Solution
Pothole Repair Result


Within the short period of 30 minutes after application, the section of road requiring repair was back open to use and the heavy goods transportation was resumed, ensuring no serious down time or delay.

The process of repair was efficient without the need for compaction or hot works, saving both time and money.

Both the texture depth and slip resistance from this product meet the highway requirements, making our PermaFyx L273 an excellent permanent asphalt repair solution, highly likely to outlast the surrounding substrate.

Meet Our Customer

3MB provide a civil engineering and maintenance service to private and public sector clients across the UK.

Specalising in construction, fabrication and mechanical works and based in Southampton. 3MB supply structural steels used in buildings and construction.

"The durability of the repair has been outstanding, withstanding very heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions

The results were truly impressive."

 - 3MB Civil Engineering

Systems Used

PermaFyx L273 Permanent Asphalt Repair
PermaFyx L273 Permanent Ashalt Repair
PermaFyx L273 6mm Permanent Asphalt Repair around a  manhole  cover
PermaFyx L273 Permanent Asphalt Repair
PermaFyx L273 Permanent Ashalt Repair
PermaFyx L273 6mm Permanent Asphalt Repair around a  manhole  cover

PermaFyx l273 | Permanent Asphalt Repair

PermaFyx L273 is a permanent asphalt repair product based on high-performance cold applied MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin which will outlast the surrounding substrate.

This is the perfect solution for small defect repairs such as potholes and ironwork surrounds, where it’s not practical to call out a hot box, but a permanent repair is required.

PermaFyx L273 provides a professional finish replicating a hot-lay asphalt, blending into the surrounding surface and meets all requirements for use on highways.

No compaction is required as the product is applied by trowel and chemically cures within 30 minutes with no risk of rutting once cured. PermaFyx L273 is available in 3mm or 6mm grades.