Case Study


Serfis were asked by the client to find a solution to overcome the ongoing issues of trip hazards on the aging MK station platform No4.

The platform was failing and had to be handled carefully to avoid further damage, so this meant any remedial works had to be the least intrusive with no heavy plant or machinery.


The Grindlazer DC87 was supplied to remove the trip hazard as this could be done in very small increments to keep the disturbance to a minimum however, this left the surface with exposed aggregate and not looking pretty at all.

To rectify this, Permafyx L272 thin lay MMA was used to reinstate the surface which had the added benefit of not requiring any compaction but would be durable enough to withstand the high level of foot traffic that a station platform would be subjected to.


The finished result was, the platform was restored to a safe level of accessibility to all without having to close to the public outside of the pre-planned possessions.

 Due to the fact that very minimal removal was needed, there was virtually no waste to transport off of the station via the lift and bridge.

Meet Our Customer

Serfis Construction and Engineering Ltd are specialist civil engineering, ground works and surfacing contractors.

The company, established in 1978, remains a family owned and run business founded on the fundamental principles of quality, trust and value for money.

These values go hand in hand with our dedication to exceptional customer service, communication and reliability.

"Feedback from the end client has been very complimentary and to use their own words...

We love it and can’t find a reason not to use the Permafyx system for further platform works."

 - Steve Taylor, Serfis

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