Meon were proud to recommend our high quality surface coating products for Tesla charging bays, installed at a Bluewater shopping centre car park.

Case Study


Bluewater installed Tesla charging bays, allowing customers to charge their electric cars in their car park.

Requirements for the Tesla charging points meant the new bays would feature their logo and a specific colour scheme, painted onto each individual parking space with high quality paint.

Alongside this, the bays would need to be resistant and highly durable, enough to withstand regular vehicle traffic.

Doing so would make the spaces are easily distinguishable from ordinary parking spaces, save confusion and clarify that these bays are intended for use with Tesla electric vehicles only.

The impact of leaving the parking spaces unmarked could mean that customers mistake the spaces as regular, alongside not meeting the specified Tesla requirements for the correct installation of these specialist electric charging points.


Once the prior parking space markings were removed, the surface was treated with Spectrum ScratchCote MMA Void Filler to make way for the new Tesla colour scheme and branding.  

This treatment ensured the surface was even and flat, ready for an effective paint application.

 The UltraGrip MMA paint was next applied, chosen as the most effective solution, being able to withstand busy car park traffic and having great anti slip properties.

UltraGrip also benefits from being more environmentally friendly, due to it being a cold application MMA paint.

The red colour required for the bays was a custom RAL colour, mixed here at Meon.

The outer lines and Tesla branding logo was finally applied using RoadLine X420, this tough 2-part line marking paint benefits from an epoxy base, meaning greater durability and toughness.


The bays were installed to match Tesla's high level of quality.

Long lasting, anti-slip, and bright surface markings are now in place, ensuring safe and attractive results.

The UltraGrip application in a contrasting black and bright red ensured customers easily know which bays are for Tesla electric charging or regular parking.

Due to the tough durable characteristic of the UltraGrip, the need for regular maintenance and upkeep is reduced, meaning the chosen solution is an economical choice.

Meet Our Customer

Bluewater have 300 stores, over 50 bars, restaurants and cafes along with 13,000 free car parking spaces attracting millions of visitors per annum.

From the beginning Bluewater have always understood that exceptional customer service is paramount to enjoying the Bluewater experience and their Guest Services team are on hand to greet you with a warm welcome, to help you make the most of your visit.

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